Prof. ART Consulting's primary goal is to provide high-quality, professional services and products, which range from English Language editing on any subject, to Business English and Organizational consulting, to School Improvement through needs assessment and workshops. Our services are offered online or in-person, as needed.



Prof. ART Consulting started out as a private business in 1999 principally editing research papers, and became a company in 2017, after having added such services as interviewing, Business Consulting / English, thesis and essay development, school improvement, and teacher workshops. Clients from the US, UAE, Egypt, and Thailand have used our services.


  1. Teacher Workshop: Through our training program, teachers have seen productivity increases of between 40% and 70%. Teachers also report significant improvements in confidence and satisfaction.
  2. Essay Writing: Clients who used our Essay Writing consulting services were able to achieve a passing or higher mark 85% of the time.
  3. School Improvement: Our School Improvement clients have been able to identify and correct 85% of problems associated with school functioning, which may have included (among others) safety, transportation, teaching & learning conditions, IT, communication, and administrative support.
  4. Thesis Process: Our Thesis Process clients have a 100% success rate, and have reported significant improvements in confidence, competence, and clarity about the process.
  5. Editing: Our Editing Services have a 100% success record--meaning that no paper processed through our Editing services has ever been returned for errors, and all papers submitted for publication were published.
  6. Business English / Coaching: Clients who used our Business English & Coaching services have been able to significantly improve their fluency, effectiveness, and confidence in business communications, professional presentations, leadership practices, and interviewing skills 100% of the time.
  7. Interview Consulting: Clients who used our Interview Consulting services have been 90% successful in gaining admission to professional or graduate school, and 85% successful when applying for a job.