Success Story:
Arisara A.


Service provided:
School Improvement Consultation

From being the head and part-owner of family-owned school, whom everyone ran to take care of 'everything', to being a confident leader who is comfortable delegating authority, enabling herself to address and improve her school's big picture.


This client is the head and part-owner of a primary school in Thailand. For years this family-owned business had been a small operation with paper records, limited digital communications systems, documentation written in-house, and the client being the person that everyone ran to for every problem. Upon reflection, the client came to the realization that her school needed a number of professional upgrades to improve its professional profile and to give her the opportunity to act more as a leader and less as a manager.



The Challenge

This client needed to assess the functioning of her school, update the school's documentation so that it both reflected professional standards and was accessible to appropriate school personnel, and update the school's organizational infrastructure so that she, as the head of the school, could delegate more authority and then be able to focus more time on improving the professional profile of the institution.



The Solution

A school improvement survey was designed covering all aspects of school functioning, and made available online using Google Forms, and targeted administrators, teachers, staff, and parents. Major school documents were updated to make them professional in appearance and content, as well as clear, complete, correct, concise, and conventional. Wherever appropriate, a system of delegation was created to give teacher and staff access to documentation and the authority to solve problems on their own without having to check with the head of the school.



The Results

As a result of the school improvement survey, the client was able to find out what was working well in her school, and get feedback that she used to improve several aspects that needed to function better. The school's documentation is much improved and now adds significant value to the school's professional profile. This client-owner has been freed up, by the new decision-making structure, to be away from the school and attend conferences, for instance, where she can learn to how further her school's development and her own development as a leader.



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