Success Story:
Gyanesh S.


Service provided:
Teacher Workshop

From a teacher unsure of his direction to a educational mentor who understands how to use knowledge, support, respect, and honesty to build the confidence and competence of his students


The client is a teacher in a well-known private school in Thailand.



The Challenge

The client needed to improve his understanding and execution of how to balance teaching and classroom management techniques to achieve the goal of an improved learning environment for his students and an improved teaching environment for himself.



The Solution

The client was observed and provided with attendant detailed guidance before and after a series of workshops regarding effectively combining cutting-edge teaching techniques and best practices in classroom management.



The Results

As a result of working closely together on the client's actual teaching technique and classroom management practices, and the his spirited participation in the workshop series, the client learned to value and respect his own teaching abilities and to better understand how to show his students how much he cares, so they will care about how much he knows. The client reports that his spirit for teaching has returned.



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